English for Academic Purposes

CRICOS Course Code: 062952E

Duration: 12 weeks

Fees: Please refer to our Price List

Course Aim: Students who complete the full 12 weeks of the course will emerge with:

  • an understanding of the philosophy underpinning western academia
  • strategies to undertake research using journals, library books and the internet
  • useful academic vocabulary
  • the appropriate use of register both spoken and written
  • the ability to read and understand academic materials such as articles, textbooks and reference materials
  • accuracy in the use of  academic grammatical structures
  • the ability to:
    • discriminate between fact and opinion
    • summarize points of view
    • compare and evaluate opinions
    • paraphrase and quote without resorting to plagiarism
    • express an opinion with supporting evidence
    • communicate effectively in academic situations (explaining, presenting, questioning, justifying, supporting an opinion and clarifying)
    • construct essays and reports in the appropriate genre
    • construct bibliographies
    • use citation, cross references, footnotes and related conventions

Entry Requirements: IELTS 6, Cambridge FCE, TOEFL 547, CEF B2, completion of English course at Upper Intermediate level

Delivery Methods:

This course is delivered off-the-job, on campus, face to face. It has theory classes and practical sessions involving small groups and individual activities.


The curriculum is based on the EAP Now series and also has IELTS publications and supplementary texts for the Cambridge exams as well.


Student progress is closely monitored due to the nature and aims of the course.

Written work is assessed weekly. Assignments are returned to students fully annotated and marked.

The criteria for the assessment of writing are:

  • coherence and cohesion
  • vocabulary range and sentence structure
  • arguments, ideas and evidence, and
  • task fulfilment

Results are discussed with students.

In addition to the weekly tasks, macro skills are tested regularly. Summative assessment is based on   a combination of test results, the results of tasks completed during the course and participation marks.


On successful completion of the EAP course, students receive a certificate with a grade indicating their performance in the course.


Some universities and colleges accept students with the Mercury EAP certificate.